What is important? Evaluate your time

What do you spend most time doing?
What matters to you the most?

Does these two answers add up to the same?
It didn’t for me.
I spend most of my time working, sleeping or being online watching videos, reading blogs, facebook.

What I need to change in my current lifestyle is to reduce my time infront of the computer. The time spent infront of it should be valuble. Time well spent.

I started with calling my broadband company asking them to reduce the speed and to a lower cost. I had 100mb/s and it costed me 349 SEK per month. To lower the cost to 319 SEK to half of the speed would cost me 150 SEK because I wanted a speed change. That is pretty fucked up. So I lowered my cost to 329 SEK per month with the same price and had to take charge of my internet addiction by myself.

I also said I work a lot. I used to work 10-13 hours per day, 4-5 days a week. And now it’s 9 hours per day, for 4-6 days a week. My job had taken all of my enegery so I quit. But that’s another story.



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