Paring down

I can’t do everything at once. I’ve done that before where I was super pumped up, enthusiastic and pulled everything out from selfs and drawers until I just sat on the floor in the huge mess I just made and all of my energy just evaperated.

Instead I thought of a really great post on Zenhabits. I usually do this, clean out my place one step at a time. So I wrote down every spot in my apartment on a list and I will do one at a time and cross over when it’s done to see the progress. I diveded it up in rooms.

Paring down

Kitchen: cupboards, shelves, drawers.
Bathroom: vanity station, cabinet, shelf.
Livingroom: bookshelf, display case.
Bedroom: closet, chest of drawers, bookshelf.

Start off slowly, take your time, it makes changes easier. Start with one thing. Then cross it over and be pleased and happy that you made some progress. Then the next day, choose another one.

Everytime you grab something, look at it, feel it and think about what it means to you. Does it bring meaning to your life? Is it useful? Do you use it daily? Is it sentimental?

The Minimalists have a packing party, which I think is a great idea. I’m probably doing a version of that in my kitchen and perhaps my bedroom. Packing most of my stuff but leaving things I always uses and I know will use. Starting off with one room at a time. For me I need some time to progress.



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