glasögon 3

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old. When I found out that I needed them I was thrilled. I thought that people with glasses looked very smart and I was smart! How fitting. My first frames were a pair of  forest metal green almond shaped ones. Note to self* just because Nick Carter’s favourite colour was green, that doesn’t mean that your fav need to be the same. Later on I got two for one so I got classic black rectangular shaped and a same shape but red ones. Needless to say, I never used the red glasses because I came off as super aggressive. I moved on to contacts and bought another pair of classic black frames. But then the Korean wave made me wanna buy huge frames who had a huge similarity to a 90’s TV (you know the thick one). People called me a hipster, but I knew that I was a K-pop star. This started the collection. I found a great website where the glasses were cheap and made of plastic (since I’m a klutz and always manage to sit on my glasses) so I bought several. I got a bit more inspired and started wearing colours. Now I own a turquoise ones and today I’m considering buying another pair of blue ones. I made a nice frame for my frames. I’m not the most ambitious DIY-person. If it’s super easy and takes very little time I might try it so I painted a pineapple (the background of the frame is a pineapple) and here we are!

glasögon 2

glasögon 1


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