Grilled Jeezly

Grilled Cheese 1

I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin (2014) and craving grilled cheese. Since I eat plant-based I sometimes miss my old eating habits (not caring). But this gives me the opportunity to be what I’m the best at. Creative. Well, not the highest level of creativity since I just used vegan cheese, Astrid och Aporna. Two kinds actually, one with cheddar flavour and the other was pizza”cheese”. I added some black pepper for flavour fried it in my pan with some vegetable oil. Then I halved a garlic clove and rubbed it against the fried bread.

It was so delicious. I’ve missed melted cheese. Look how gewy it is and just runs down. Yum! This will be my comfort food with some tomato soup, or just plain as it is.

Grilled Cheese 2


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